Facebook job/1

I had a job where we illustrators had to draw the peoples xmas wishes with other fellow artists through facebook. These drawings were usually made in a very short period of time, because of the amount of messages so they are kind of sketchy. I'll post up more soon cause there is plenty of stuff where this came from.

" Make me the best dragon drawing ever"
That didn't happen.

"Please draw me thinking about my best friends at competition, while I'm at home studying"
on the picture they are drinking beer from bottles while the audience in the back shouts: DRINKDRINKDRINK!
"Draw me holding a Nora. thanks!"

Draw Batman fighting with Lady Gaga, thanks!
Draw me and my buddies as the Resevoir dogs!

A friend asked me to draw me and him racing with buses on top of our local train station

Santa stucks in a traffic jam so Xmas comes late, every body is sad...etc

Nothng special, but the chick's name who asked this x-mas card was Mónika Teknős which means Turtle.
"I want a drawing of a kid who's running from a Jesus who's been bitten by a radio active spider. Santa is in the back."
Jesus is saying: Great power comes with great responsibilities, dude!
Santa is saying : What's going on?

"I love you, my little angel"

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