another wacom piece

I tried to paint my girlfriend with the wacom tablet again. Well it could be much better but atleast the second looks like her a little bit.

A short comic for fathers and sons

This is the one I was going to post but I was to lazy to translate it because of the lame story and primitive dialogs that I made for it. I did this piece for a school task.You may have seen the characters from previous posts. In this comic the eighties geek boy meets the weird old man who happens to be his own dad. I wanted to mix the styles. The father represents this dark, film noir-like world, while this boy is is pretty much his opposite with the bright colours. At the end their worlds became one.

Oh yeah and happy holidays by the way!

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Here are pieces of my work for the cartoon design course.The task was to create visuals for a fictional upcoming 10 to 20 minute cartoon based on a fairy or folktale. The story I choose was The tale of the fisherman and the fish. This was written by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

According to the tale a poor old couple live by the sea and the husband who is a fisherman goes out and catches a golden fish by accident. The fish promises to fulfill the old mans wishes if he let's go. But when the fishers wife hears that they can wish anything she wants everything...

The cover page clearly shows how many designs the fish went through.

The backgrounds were pretty hard to come up with. Mainly because
I didn't have a clue how to draw one (I'm better in drawing characters)

Some early sketches for the fisherman and his wife (the clowns staring at you kids)
Some finished designs for the main characters. The woman has 3 kinds of clothes for the three kind of homes.
One for the mobile home, one for the luxury mobile home and one for the skyscraper

This second home is pretty much a mash of a boat and a train...and maybe a tank.

And the skyscraper which might be a giant robot.

making Simon and Garfunkel

I scanned a few drawings that I made for the preproduction of the film.
These pictures mainly view the female character because she was the one that I designed.This storyboard is only a second version. Mark did a first but we had to make a new which was easier to follow. Anyway the finished shots of the film didn't look nothing like this because we found better ones.
details of the storyboard

Some of my friends say that the female character looks like my girlfriend, but the truth is that the looks are based on this photo.

I found it on the sexypeople blog.

When I found the most sympathetic character I started to change it so it became more cartoony

I did the first solid study of the head in plasticine (the gray one), then I did a small model from clay. The final heads were sculpted on polystyrene base. The nose and most of the heads were made of drying clay I only used soft clay for the parts we animated later on, like mouth or hair. I also made a head of the woman where I used soft clay everywhere so the big foot could easily kick it flat.

Mark made his puppets head the same way (Luca's photo)

I'll post one more bout some art I did for the beginning of the film.

Simon & Garfunkel™

Márk and I did a puppet animation film on MOME. Klick on the picture to view the video!

The tune was performed by Szekszujel Fhifhies aand the song is written by Lidia and David. Vocals were sang by me and there were some other voice which was provided by my pal Oliver Olivér .


My cover for upcoming photocopied comix fanzine that I'll be doing with my friends. More details coming soon...

School Stuff

There was a task in school which was to make up a character from four items you get randomly.
I got a kazoo, a classic Battletech sci-fi book, an empty pack of Lays chips, and a CKM which is a Hungarian men's magazine

I did a couple of sketches 'till I found what I want this guy to look like. I wanted him to be some geek who is also cool a little bit because he's confident enough not to give a damn about his losernes.

I also did a comic about him meeing his old man. I'll translate t and post it up as soon as I have time.

Bringing the generations together

I took part in a comics exhibition here in Hungary, It was quite good, The gallery made a big print of one of my favorite pages of The Boy Named Sue.

It was the best exhibit I ever took place in. Nice saxophone music, wine and snacks and there even was a catalog of us artists. It pretty much blew my mind.

Last years school sketches

These pieces were figure sketches I've done

And These were my pieces of a wall-long comic that the whole class did together. It was a pathetic experiment on making a comic with about 35 people involved. In the end it was just a lot of illustration after each other.