Character design

I made this montage of how the characters evolved in my head from the first versions to the last ones. The early ideas look more like comic figures and illustrations rather than concepts for actual character designs. KLICK on the image to see the full pic!
And this is a character sheet. Not perfect but I didn't have time to do final versions before starting the movie.

Storyboards for the movie I did

This is the actual storyboard I did for my film (previous post) I did it with pencil but I did some correction with my tablet.

Take care!

Brainy cartoon

I didn't want to post this toon i did because it's in Hungarian and I just can't attach subtitles to it, but what the hell, i'll post it anyway!
I did this cartoon in school. The task was to make an animation based on sound that we collected. Most of us (like me) used radioplays as a base, and animate on that. So many of you who are not Hungarians, will not get what the shit's actually happening, which is fine, because this cartoon doesn't make any sense. The main story is about this guy who goes to the doctor because he has problems with his brain. The doc examines him by asking if he eats the soup with a fork or a spoon. When he gives good answers the doc tells him that he has a super good workin' brains. It's hard to give back the hungarian puns N' stuff. I animated with flash but I totally used it as a blank piece of paper. I drew with my wacom tablet. The backgrounds were done by my lovely girlfriend. ENJOY!

Agyas Sanya-A Vizit from Miklós Felvidéki on Vimeo.

Untitled shitte

I've been pretty cruel to this blog lately. I'll try to avoid continuing that by posting up some stuff.
One thing is that I just started plotting a 100 page long comic based on my Noname character (the fox). It's gonna be a pretty big project since I don't have that much time because of school, work and other stuff. Anyways I'm planning to be finishing it by the end of 2012. So it might be finished before the end of the world (just kiddin'). Until than I did this raw sketch of Noname based on a Frazetta Sci-fi character. Rest in peace man!