Pond Turtle illustration

Illustration I did for a fanzine. The European pond turtle is the only indigenous turtle species in Hungary. Although they are highly compromised by the pond sliders, who are aggressively gaining ground at their natural habitat.

Signing on saturday

From all my books here in Hungary. None of you will be there but if you are interested in any of my work. Drop me a mail :)


As I wrote before I've been working on a biographical comic about Laszlo Papp, famous Hungarian boxer from the 40's-60's. Here is a photo of him and the final character sheet.

Shadow Over Innsmouth

Welcome to Innsmouth bitches! Some scribbles from my sketchbook from this spring. Hope you like it. I'll post up more sketchy stuff, cause it's all I have right now.

Goon doodle

I made this piece for the Goon art contest. first time I drew these characters. It was fun though. I wonder if I'll ever have a chance to draw a Goon backup in one of the Goon comics or the Noir books. Probably never :D

Spera - Training

I did a Spera short with Josh Tierney. Check it out here!
And while you're at it, read the other guys stories.
All characters were originally designed by Afu Chan

I'll upload more background on this stuff, so stay tuned!

Full page preview- Laszlo Papp on the Olympics

The Olympics are over. Check out the first full page preview of the László Papp comic and drop me a mail if your interested in buying the 28 page book.

I'm planning on posting up some 'making of' kinda stuff.


Donatello sketch

I did this sucker on Sziget festival at the comic artists tent.

More Papp Laszlo tease

More images from my upcoming book.
I'll receive my 10 author copies tomorrow, so you can guess how excited I am :)
I'll keep you updated but until than. Have a nighty night!

The Amazing Spider-man movie coverage

I saw Spider-man the other day. I don’t care about all the negative buzz, I kinda liked it. Even so, I bought a set of spider-man stickers in the grocery store. Unfortunately they were all just fractions of bigger pictures, so that kids would buy more to actually see the full image. WELL GUESS WHAT?! I completed the photos and even made a comic of some sort!

Care for any more?

About the movie, yeah I think this piece goes back to the original material more than Raimi did although  it has a strong "Ultimate" feel to it. I hope the trilogy (as the rumor says) will continue with even better pieces. I like the direction the humor, the action the drama the cast. Some stuff are unnecessary and lame but what the hell! It's still fun.

My third book finally in the printing!!

Finally finished working on the comic about Laszlo Papp, famous Hungarian Boxer from the 40's-60's.
It's a 28 page biographical book with lot of face punching action. More stuff coming up!

Laszlo Papp

Laszlo Papp -Champion of the London olympics

A comicbook I'm currently working on.

warmup sketch 4 - LOBO

Thursday moring starting off with  a LOBO sketch, the last Czarnian,  Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen are the fathers of this character but we mainly remember him because of the visual interpretation of Simon Bisley. Why the Dolphin? Lobo loves space dolphins, they’re his only true friends.

warmup sketch 1 - MADMAN

MADMAN -  created by Mike Allred
I decided to do a warmup every day, we'll see how it works out 

Fly Me To The Moon

Something is happening on the Moon.
My next animated short is in the works


I did this comic for a German cleaning company.
If you like it and live in Düsseldorf, give 'em a call they might save you from some serious dust monsters :)

Back To The Future

I did another comic / movie mashup poster. This time adapted the legendary Wally Wood's EC Incredible Science Fiction cover mashing it up with the classic 1985 movie, Back To The Future. What was the point? When Marty goes back to 1955 and lands in the barn of a family, be see a fake comic cover, that gives the feel of a vintage Ec comic. So I figured Heck, I want to do something like that. So I looked up some of the classic titles published in 1955 and adapted it to the theme of the film. That's about it. 

Prints available of course :)

work in progress...

Are The 'Dust Bunnies' the monsters that live under the bed? Nah I don't think so...

I thought that sprinkling the ink could give a cool manual dust feel to the monster.

Die Really Really Hard!

John McLane comes to our street next week to shoot die hard 5.
Here's a quickie I did on the bus today. Not that great of a drawing though...

Jurassic Park 3

 Fan art poster series continues with this piece.


The Kings Speech

I did 3  movie posters for a company who provides digital film rental.
I'll make A3 prints of them which all go for 8 euros a piece, plus postage. 
This is the first...