My cover for upcoming photocopied comix fanzine that I'll be doing with my friends. More details coming soon...

School Stuff

There was a task in school which was to make up a character from four items you get randomly.
I got a kazoo, a classic Battletech sci-fi book, an empty pack of Lays chips, and a CKM which is a Hungarian men's magazine

I did a couple of sketches 'till I found what I want this guy to look like. I wanted him to be some geek who is also cool a little bit because he's confident enough not to give a damn about his losernes.

I also did a comic about him meeing his old man. I'll translate t and post it up as soon as I have time.

Bringing the generations together

I took part in a comics exhibition here in Hungary, It was quite good, The gallery made a big print of one of my favorite pages of The Boy Named Sue.

It was the best exhibit I ever took place in. Nice saxophone music, wine and snacks and there even was a catalog of us artists. It pretty much blew my mind.

Last years school sketches

These pieces were figure sketches I've done

And These were my pieces of a wall-long comic that the whole class did together. It was a pathetic experiment on making a comic with about 35 people involved. In the end it was just a lot of illustration after each other.