Studio and other stuff

Some pics of my messy room and sneek peek at the project I have to finish by tomorrow. I'm pretty behind so I'll have to pull my shit together if I want to do the six pages with the coloring by tomorrow noon. I'm inking with brush which is an extra difficulty factor. I prefered using art pens and rotring radiograph pens up until this point. I have to teach myself to handle this tool!

Now back to the table folks!


I'm currently working on a 6 page comic about retired older guys who have a blast doing hat ever they want to. This piece will be done for an "invitation only" competition, the first prize winner will get some money and all works ill be exhibited here in Budapest. I'll post up some inked pages in a couple of days.



Spanish book

I'll be working on a spanish-hungarian language book this summer. These are the main characters who I designed for the book.

Mista Gorilla

I'm working on the spot of the 2010 Cartoon Forum that will be placed in Sopron this year. The short spot will be done with several techniques including paper cut-like and 3 dimensional computer animation. 4 of us work on the film, I only use anime studio pro this time. This gorilla is one of the designs I did today for it. I also started animating it, I'll post up the finished animation in a few weeks, I hope.


Shitty Conan sketch

I saw Conan the barbarian a couple of weeks ago, and drew this into my sketchbook. I can't say I'm pretty good at drawing muscular dudes, but I'll get better.

storyboard reject

There was an inner school contest to do a spot for a hungarian cinema. of course my idea was rejected but I thought it could still be wort uploading here, on my blog.

These were the characters. I designed the first kid for another storyboard, which was done by my man Márk. The original idea was that I will only do some design work but I couldn't help myself, not creating my own story for this competition.

Some early and pretty raw designs for Márk1s storyboards.
And the final storyboard that I did. It's about a couple who go to the theatre but notice that there is no easy way to get to their seats. So they start climbing up across the audience antill they fight their way up. Unfortunately when they arrive a big guy sits right in front of them. But luckyly he's so damn big that the film starts to run on his back (that's where the cinemas logo would appear).


R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

I think I was the last who heard the bad news. Harvey Pekar respected and beloved author of the autobio comic anthology "American Splendor" died at 70. He was one of my favorite underground comic writers.
This fast doodle is my goodbye to the master.