storyboard reject

There was an inner school contest to do a spot for a hungarian cinema. of course my idea was rejected but I thought it could still be wort uploading here, on my blog.

These were the characters. I designed the first kid for another storyboard, which was done by my man Márk. The original idea was that I will only do some design work but I couldn't help myself, not creating my own story for this competition.

Some early and pretty raw designs for Márk1s storyboards.
And the final storyboard that I did. It's about a couple who go to the theatre but notice that there is no easy way to get to their seats. So they start climbing up across the audience antill they fight their way up. Unfortunately when they arrive a big guy sits right in front of them. But luckyly he's so damn big that the film starts to run on his back (that's where the cinemas logo would appear).


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