Pinkhell is a comics anthology, of the Hungarian Comics Academy. It comes out 2 times a year. I did the cover for issue 4. Which came out 2 years ago. The last Pinkhell was issue 7, and at the end of autumn issue 8 will hopefully come out.

2007 Fumetto

In 2007 I won third prize with this Noname tale on the Fumetto comix competition (Luzern), in the teen cathegory. It was quite a surprise for me.

Audi TT roadster

I did a 4 page comic for a competition. The task was to make a comic based on short stories about the Audi TT roadster. The story was pretty bad, but it wasn't too hard to adapt it.

I didn't work a lot on the characters

NONAME the fox

Noname is my number one comic character. I did about 50 pages of short stories with him since I was 15. These tales are from 1-6 pages long, The basic concept is that this fox guy who's called Noname gets into situations which suddenly turn into some crazy impossible weirdness, still he reacts to them like it was all quite normal. Nothing is really explained or makes any sense. Neither his fox-likeness (everybody treats him like an everyday man only the reader sees him as a fox) neither why everything is so awkward "in his world". I'm planning to do longer tales with him.
This short comic that I'm posting up now is one of my favorites, and above it is an old cover plan I did, for a comic I never made in that form.

My first one-shot-The Boy Named Sue

My first (and last) one-shot comicbook came out a little more than a year ago. It was a 24 page long action comic based on the song by Shel silverstein and Johnny Cash, called The Boy Named Sue. Here's a little sample, including Hungarian titled cover and translated pages.


I've been blogging on the web for years now, so I decided to make an english version of my blog, with less lines and only my stuff. I will post old and new drawings as well.

This is an Alien drawing I did, for a friend a couple of months ago, also this was he second time I've ever drawn this monster.