Shaun Of The Dead poster

You guys ever heard of Kiscsoportos játékok? Well it's a group of artist who do their own version of film posters and stuff and I happen to be one of them. Well anyway here's my idea of a Shaun Of The Dead poster. From the first sketch to the finished design.

The first version was done in the computer with a wacom tablet but whenever I draw like that I always miss the paper and all the fun that comes with that, so I quickly sat down to the good ol' drawn board and ...

...Did this piece of horse shit! Ok it's not that bad but I still used a lot of whiteout and was still frustrated with some of the details, since I drew this in a relatively small size. Anyway that's when the tablet comes really handy (besides coloring) because after scanning it in,  I can fix all errors that I did with my sloppy inking. You see sometimes I don't ever draw something completely before inking it, and when I ink it I obviously fuck it up.

Coloring is a great way to give life to something but is also a pain in the ass because I never quite know which colors to use. Always use a reference so yeah, I'm a cheater but who isn't? These are just the flats. I still need to add some shadows and stuff, some textures as you see below.

And voila! Here's the finished stuff. Cheers!