The Last match

David Schitter, who is a member of the Kuš! Baltic comics magazine invited me to join the exhibition of the last match. To encourage me he sent some pretty nice stuff, including an issue of Kuš. The task was to draw a little picture which is connected to the theme "the last match".
This is the paper I have to draw on:
I'll post p the finished work, as soon as I do it!

Mime ACT-more coloring previews

I'm currently half way through the coloring process of Mime act, here are some pictures. I erased the text from the balloons but the thing will be completely hand lettered.

Coloring MIME ACT-first preview page!

The first preview page of my graphic novel-MIME ACT, more to come...

The stuff I always hated to do, was the coloring. That's why my colors are so simple, and easy to do. This of course does not spare me all the time because I'm not even half way through the 100 pages. The other thing is that most of the drawings were done years ago when I was about 16-17 , so these are not as good as I could do them now, but I think it may be interesting to follow how the drawings gets better as the story moves forward... (Still I had to redraw some parts...not this one)

stay tuned!

Mime-Act in progress

Here are some pieces of my work on the comic I mentioned, I just finished inking and lettering the pages, now I just have to color and make the fake covers for every part of the story. For me, making the covers is a much harder process than doing a comic because while in one comic page you have several drawings that can capture the viewers attention, at a cover you have to make it as one great panel that really is good to be watching.