Page 1 INKED!

Today I had to go to school to waste my whole day instead of working on thsi comic. But finally I finished the inking of the first of 4 pages! (a little Guy Davis stuff by the side to help with the blacks:)

DINOSAURS, CAVEMEN AND THE F***ING COLOSSEUM..! this preview of my newest comic iin the making.

Some shitty photos I did with my phone of the comic I'm working on. Today was penciling day, tomorrow hopefully will be the day for the lightbox and the inking so the day after tomorrow I can finally color the whole shit and send it just before the deadline. Sounds pretty impossible, but I hope it'll still work out the way I planned it. Inked pages, comin' up!

New NONAME 4 pager

I'm working on a comic for a europian anthology. It will be a four page story under the theme morning, day, evening, night. I just finished doing the storyboards but deadline is pretty close so I'll have to start drawing pretty fast, Stay tuned! Pencil samples coming up!

Life over 60 (untranslated...yet)

Even if it didn't win the contest I got a surcharge for the stuff. The story isn't such a big deal, I didn't have time to translate it yet but I'll definietly swich this version with a translated one once I have time to do it. I think it worked out pretty well as a comic. I tried to learn some inking from Bruce Timm's pinups and comic art as well as from Dan Clowes (coloring was a thing I took from Ghost World). The task of the contest was to make a comic that shows the positive side of old age.

And Last but not Least a song that matches my comic in some ways
When I Get Old by the Descendents!!!

Hellboy losing hair at a young age

I always wondered why Hellboy was frustrated by being baldy right from the start, not to mention Abe...

60+ Preview

First two pages of the comic I'm doing about old people. I think it'll be good. I'll upload a translated one after the whole competitions over.