While I'm still in business, I don't really use blogger anymore. I'll keep this blog with all it's history so you can check out my previous works but  my main blog will be on tumblr from now on.
Check out the links below and have a ball...


Although it didn't get past the jury, I proudly present you my entry to the Multiversity Hellboy Fanart contest.

Some process images showing how I drew the final image with blue Col-erase pencils and the inked 'em with a fine japanese brush marker.

Learning how to draw Hellboys face is a fun ride and a pain in the ass at the same time :D
Above are some of my sketches.


Dylan Dog pinup for the end of the hungarian edition. Yaay!

Shaun Of The Dead poster

You guys ever heard of Kiscsoportos játékok? Well it's a group of artist who do their own version of film posters and stuff and I happen to be one of them. Well anyway here's my idea of a Shaun Of The Dead poster. From the first sketch to the finished design.

The first version was done in the computer with a wacom tablet but whenever I draw like that I always miss the paper and all the fun that comes with that, so I quickly sat down to the good ol' drawn board and ...

...Did this piece of horse shit! Ok it's not that bad but I still used a lot of whiteout and was still frustrated with some of the details, since I drew this in a relatively small size. Anyway that's when the tablet comes really handy (besides coloring) because after scanning it in,  I can fix all errors that I did with my sloppy inking. You see sometimes I don't ever draw something completely before inking it, and when I ink it I obviously fuck it up.

Coloring is a great way to give life to something but is also a pain in the ass because I never quite know which colors to use. Always use a reference so yeah, I'm a cheater but who isn't? These are just the flats. I still need to add some shadows and stuff, some textures as you see below.

And voila! Here's the finished stuff. Cheers!

Dark Age colored

My Dark Age variant cover with the colors of Artúr Haránt. He’s a great artist so check out his tumblr fools!
Dark Age is a Hungarian fantasy comic series by Steve Fabian and Jenő Szabó with the colors of Artúr Haránt. It was originally published in print but they recently went digital and started translating the stuff to English. Here’s my cover design for the Hungarian edition of issue 3. If you care Check out the series here!


There will be an awesome exhibition of various Hungarian comics from the past until the present (possible future?) in Paris and I was lucky enough to make the poster design. I basically just took an old page from Pál Korcsmáros and drew my character next to his. ANYWAY…if you’ll happen to walk the streets of Paris between the 13th of june and the 13th of july, take a look :)

92, rue Bonaparte 75006 // Balassi Institute, Paris // 2013, 18 june-18 july

Colored Amala sketch

I colored my Amala sketch.

Amala is a new comic series written by Steve Horton, art by Michael Dialynas

Glass Flowers design

My Glass Flowers character design based on work by Afu Chan and Olivier Pichard.


I did another 5 pager for Josh Tierney's Spera web comic series.
Read the comic here! Read the full story here!

And here's  my previous work on Spera.

ARMPIT WEB - Spidey fanzine

The one and only Márk László and I did this super Spider-man themed fanzine which is basically just a big pile of our sketches and various spidey themed drawings. The whole idea came at a crappy party where we were both drawing Venom to a sketchbook (the actual drawings didn't really make it into the 'anthology'). One of us thought we should really make a fanzine based on webhead and his friends, foes, etc...  After all he was, is and will always be our hero. We grew up on his adventures. And even as almost grown adults we have some interest in him and his goofy set of enemies. So we just started sketching and we did quite a number of work. We choose our favorites from the bunch in the end. It's available in limited amount of copies, but if any of you guys and gals want a piece just drop me a mail at: m i m e m a n @ c i t r o m i a i l . h u