ARMPIT WEB - Spidey fanzine

The one and only Márk László and I did this super Spider-man themed fanzine which is basically just a big pile of our sketches and various spidey themed drawings. The whole idea came at a crappy party where we were both drawing Venom to a sketchbook (the actual drawings didn't really make it into the 'anthology'). One of us thought we should really make a fanzine based on webhead and his friends, foes, etc...  After all he was, is and will always be our hero. We grew up on his adventures. And even as almost grown adults we have some interest in him and his goofy set of enemies. So we just started sketching and we did quite a number of work. We choose our favorites from the bunch in the end. It's available in limited amount of copies, but if any of you guys and gals want a piece just drop me a mail at: m i m e m a n @ c i t r o m i a i l . h u


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