Facebook job/2

The message is pretty much what's on the picture

Magneto and I are floating cool while the love of my life is standing in front of us.
The girl asked me to draw her and two of her favorite pop stars (both Hungarian). The only problem that her profile picture was a dogs head so I did not have a clue how she might look like...
"I want a drawing of Red Bull drinking Pigs. After drinking they fly away:))"

"I want a drawing of Ellen page wich I can stick on my wall"
"I want a drawing of Carl Weathers as Action Jackson,
when he is mad because he's out of candy."
"A drawing of me with my favorite tv speaker"
the chick says:so this means we are a couple now?
boy: Nope!
"Hello, I'd like a drawing of a crazy computer maniac kid! Thx:D"

"Hello! Please draw a caricature of me!! Thx!!"
Chick didn't have a normal profile picture
"A Drawing of a half-devil/half-agel"

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