Facebook job/3

now with some subs!
Some messages are related to Katy Perry. That's because the kids who asked for these pics were all members of the Hungarian KP fanclub.

"Even if times are rough sometimes think about the beautiful things in life. Let yourself hear the song of truth, that there are people who love you-Merry Xmas!"
"Please draw me as I am throwing a snowball at my friend!"

"Dinosaurs are pony back riding in the forest to rescue King King who holds Katy Perry."
(The T-rex is saying: Listen Theo, Ponies only travel on rainbows!)
I'm not gonna translate this, it's just some girl writing how much she loves Katy Perry...
No interesting message here either
A buddy of mine asked me to draw him and me fighting for our lives in the nuclear winter as 90 year old zombies...
no funny lines here
"I'd like a drawing of the soul swallowing creatures that are messing with our fence under my window at night. Merry Xmas!" the creature says I'll swallow yer soul, the other one in the back
asks the closer one to come and join him because their spaceship is coming.
A romantic letter to Katy Perry again...

"Please draw my profile picture!"


  1. Yo Nick! You should translate some of your stuff into english so people like me can read it.. Because it looks hilarious!

  2. I did some subs but most of these drawings do not have funny meanings because they were written by other people who didn't really want jokes just asked for drawings which I had to do in a relatively short time. I have a couple of comics translated to English on the blog though.

    Thanks for the comment by the way! I'm planning to go to the Animation workshop with erasmus next year. From your stuff that school seems like a pretty neat place to go to.