I did a poster for a Hungarian comics festival. Finally I'm allowed to post it so here you go!


  1. Great! Is there also a homepage of this Festival? Would be nice to see what is happening there.

  2. Nah it's not that international. Hungarocomix is pretty much of an xmas sale, so everyone can pack up some stuff for the holidays, but it's mainly hungarian reprints of american and japanese stuff however, I'll probably put out a photocopied comic zine which will hopefully have an english subtitle. There is another festival, called "Magyar Képregény Fesztivál" (hungarian comics festival) which is a bit bigger event with some guests from other countries. That usually happens in the spring time, it does not have a site but they upload a program on the web and it will probably have a facebook page too. There's always some guest appearances by european comic artists, they come and sign their stuff. The whole thing takes about a day so it's not such a big thing either.