MOME Master Id

Our schools master program will have a commercial, so we students had the task to come up with ideas for it. The short vid had to give you the feeling that MOME gives a wide range of opportunities in a lot of industrial arts like fashion, design, photo, animation etc...
But we didn't have to show this info so directly, we had the chance to just come up with a visually interesting idea that gets the viewers attention. Because the lack of time I reused my character designs from last year:)

And here's the board:

An old couple is fishing, suddenly they catch something.
It's a magical goldfish with sparkles and stuff...
The fish conjures up stuff like a plasma tv, a set of clothes or a brand new car.
The old lady is happy about this.
The fish spits out a new house and a lot of random objects, the old fisher feels annoyed...
So he kicks the fish back to the ocean.
The wife's not happy, fisher is. But the fish starts glowing from underneath the water.
Huge MOME MASTER logo brakes out from the water. end

This film will probably never be made so don't worry! :D

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