New project

I'll do most of the visuals for an upcoming school animation project. The story will take place on the set of a fantasy film.

These are the first sketches where I tried to capture the world and the characters:

Designing the backgrounds was always a hard task for me since I always preferred making characters. But I had a couple of ideas how I wanted it to look like. I got some inspiration from
a Frank Frazetta book I brought this summer.

These will be the main characters:
I tried to make them simple without losing the core elements of fantasy characters.

So this is the whole crew director, busty victim chick, the good guy and the bad guy...

These are some of the visual concepts which also tell the story:
the story (which the teacher wrote us, so we don't have to come up with it) is about a film shooting or a premiere of a play where somehow the dude who plays the badguy turns out to be fighting the other actor for real. In this random situation the woman actor who was basically playing the victim has to save her "lovers" life.
So the saved becomes the savior and vice versa...

In my version of this tale the kid with the bad hair steals the last sandwich from his fellow actor who gets pretty mad at him and the rest is all seen in these pictures.


The film will probably be made by this december, yay!