Pernye the magician

Well another great project I did to the Pinkhell magazine was a fantasy series, about a ham-fisted magician called profesor Pernye. The whole thing was originally brought to life by my two good friends Jenő Szabó (writer) and Péter Tikos (artist, both members of the Hungarian comics academy). The two of them created this character but as time passed Péter had less and less time to draw the comic, so they asked me to take over as artist, leaving only the coloring to Peter.

It took me a while to find a style that I'd be happy to work with.

I even did this Mignolaesque version which was too far from the original potato nosed goofy look.

Then everything started to take shape...(prof and wife)

Let's take a look at how this episode was made:

The script:

This is a Hungarian script, I've only put it up so you see it works the same everywhere, still to me it was odd to work from a page filled with characters, since I've always drew based on my own storyboards leaving the dialogues as the last problem to solve.


This is when I turn the scripts order into a chaos.


Making order of the chaos again


I used less blacks this time as I was inking because I didn1t want to spoil the colorists fun.

Colouring and Lettering:

peter did a nice job at coloring my shit, as well as placing word balloons.

The whole 4 page story was printed in the fifth issue of Pinkhell.

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  1. Hello! Do you, by any chance, still have lying around the Pinkhell editions in which your materials were published?