Years ago
I won third
prize in the
'under eighteen'
This year
I almost
about it.
is near but
if you want
it a try!

MIME ACT-My First graphic novel on it's way

I'm currently working on my first full color graphic novel which will hopefully be published in Hungary this year. I started this project when I was about 15, but as time passed I started paying less and less attention to it. Now I'm back working with full power on redrawing some of the early stuff and correcting the dialogues at some points. I'll post more shit soon... until than: some studio shots...

TMNT fun 2

I dunno maybe I like them thatat much! I started to color the sketch with my wacom tablet, but I lost interest since it didn't look good without the original line drawing in front of it.

a fanart from me-Raph

As a little kid I was a big fan of the turtles, I dunno why I but I drew them all the time and asked my father to read the TMNT comics for me (I couldn't read back then) I watched all the movies and toons that I could find on television. But as I got out of kindergarten I was interested no more. I thought maybe if I do a quick pencil drawing I'd remember the turtle wibe, and yeah you know what? I still love them! Maybe I'll ink and color it later on, but I'm not sure I like them THAT much :D


I'm on Lambiek.net! And the weird thing is that I didn't even write them any letter to put me up there! But that's not the whole story, because some other Hungarian cartoonists were also submitted in this online encylopedia. Good for us, I guess...