Age Limit

This comic was done about a year ago for a competition. The theme was "Quality ageing" so basically we had to draw comics about how awesome it is to be old. I had a pretty good concept but that was too much so I had to soften it a little bit. I'm not very happy with the result, anyhow the art isn't that bad. I looked at a lot of Bruce Timm stuff. Read it and feel free to comment your opinion!

More design work on Csoma

Csoma's Tibetan pilgrim buddy

I'll post more comic related as soon as I can other news ahead!

Old stuff new stuff

I recently been published in a Hungarian literature magazine called Café Bábel. It's in black and white but still it's cool that it got printed in a paper outside the comic field. The book includes articles and comics by several other Hungarian authors around the topic of fairy tales...well sort of.
In the mean time, I'm currently working on a new comic. More to come!

First dawing of Sándor Kőrösi Csoma

I'm going to work on character designs of an animated short about a Hungarian historical person.

The design will not only be my job. Márk Juhász and I will form a group to do this.
I'll post more drawings soon...

film from last year

Sweet Revenge from Miklós Felvidéki on Vimeo.

The stuff I posted pics of before. Have fun with it!

I did most of the boob animation. It was nice.

Playing Lucas

Hey felluz!
I'm currently redrawing an old piece I did about 6 years ago. I used more flat colors back then and had less drawing knowledge. But the whole reason for this is an exhibition I will take part in.

more to come...